Kara & Paul

I enjoy taking expressing my creativity through photography, while my sister expresses herself beautifully through her writing. I asked her to share about her pregnancy to post alongside her photos, so please enjoy! 

"In the last seven months, I've learned that pregnancy is a season to have arms wrapped around you.

For some, it's a season of loss, and those arms hold you while hands are cupped to catch the tears. 

For others, it's a season of joy, where arms embrace you to anticipate and celebrate together.

For me, it's also been a season of surprising insecurities and fears, where I've cherished those arms wrapped around me, with my husband's steady, gentle reminders in my ear:

Reminders that our child's life is worth the cost of sharing my body for a time; that I am beautiful not in spite of, but because of the changes my pregnancy has brought; that in amongst my terror of labour and delivery, I'll discover a strength and resilience that I didn't know was there.

I love how Casey captured us in this photo, because she caught a moment that reflects who Paul has been for me and our little one throughout this (our first) pregnancy. 

Side note: I also love the laughing photos, because Paul was making me laugh to get a real smile and I was desperately trying not to pee my pants--yet another side effect of pregnancy that could throw me off but has instead become a source of silliness and laughter.

Whatever season you are in, may you have arms wrapped around you. And if you're lucky, you'll also have a photographer to capture the beauty of those moments.